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    Shattered Flow

    In ¬ęShattered Flow¬Ľ Markus Schwander concerns himself with questions about our ideas on landscapes and for this he has explored various landslides. The result is collages and drawings. The works are not aimed at the representation of today's appearance, rather they are attempts to make movement imaginable. In this sense the pictures should change the perception and stimulate to think deepened about our relationship with nature. The various series of pictures are complemented with texts by Franziska Glozer and Annemarie Bucher. Reflections on artistic research by Markus Schwander and an index of his works about landslides being produced since 2008 complete the overview.

    The book is released January 2017 in collaboration with edition fink. Texts german / english, 148 pages. 72 pictures in the main part as well as 179 pictures in the index, a folded poster is enclosed.

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